Biological membrane sequesters life within a finite space. It endeavors to safe keep the life within and make connections with nature as a source of life. The complex and concert interplay between lipids and proteins are the major contributors to these “divine” phenomena. I am particularly interested in membrane proteins responsible for plant and yeast salt tolerance. The current research aims are

Aim 1 : Stress Response and Membrane Protein: membrane proteins are involved in stress perception, stress-signal transduction, and attempt to reduce salinity stress. Currently, we are focussing on plant membrane proteins involved in salinity stress. 

Aim 2 : Recombinant Membrane Protein Expression and Characterization: membrane protein purification is challenging. We attempt to study and develop protocols in recombinant expression,  purification, and  characterization of membrane proteins,

Aim 3: Protein Engineering: sequence and structure-based protein engineering to gain - or loss - of function in proteins.

Join us: Opening for Ph.D. and Postdoc (external funding needed): Applicants are encouraged to email the PI directly. A cover letter should include a description of relevant research training to date. Currently, Ph.D. admission is open

Application of SMALP in
Plant Na+/H+ antiporter 
solubilization and reconstitution
Review: Structure and function of yeast and fungal
Na+/H+ antiporter


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